Edmontons Best Coffee Roasters

Top Coffee Roasters in Edmonton, Alberta (and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region).

Now first you might be asking are there even going to be many Coffee Roasters offering freshly roasted, third wave, high quality Coffee in North America’s northern most city. This Metropolitan area with a population of over one million will not disappoint you!

Edmontonians, and everyone in the YEG region, love their Coffee and in the past few years the coffee scene has absolutely exploded. With cold temperatures people flock to their warm cup of coffee be it a single origin, light roast with exotic and fruity notes. Maybe they want a medium roasted, full body coffee that has chocolate and nutty tastes. Maybe the coffee drinkers want a bold, spoon standing up, strong taste of a dark roast that has no bitterness at all. Edmonton Metropolitan area has it ALL and in great selection.

Next some people might ask, wait you are a small coffee roasted located in Beaumont, Alberta. Why the heck would you be offering a list of the top Coffee Roasters that are your competitors? Because we care about YOU the coffee drinker and truly this industry is stronger together, not apart. Competition is healthy and beautiful, it doesn’t have to be ugly and cut throat. We love our fellow Roasters, even if they don’t love us back, we know this industry is here to stay and us smaller Roasters can take the big corp coffee drinkers away as a whole. Better coffee for everyone is the mission, and if any of us small Roasters can drive you, the coffee drinker, into the arms of any small roaster, the mission is completed.

Beaumont, AB – Let’s talk about where we are located for a quick second in case you aren’t sure. Beaumont is a city in Leduc County, within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region of Alberta, Canada.

Note- we have NOT ranked these, the numbers are only for ease of reading. Each coffee roaster has their own unique style and we can not rate them because they are all AMAZING.

Top Roasters the part you have been waiting for.

Brave Fox Coffee Co. – @bravefoxcoffee Well we have to start this off with ourselves because, we love coffee. Brave Fox Coffee Co. www.bravefoxcoffee.com – This roastery is actually located in the garage of the owners Kayla and Rob. They have been roasting coffee for just over 5 years but started really getting serious in the past 3. Brooke is the master roaster, between her and Rob they cover the roasting and selection of green beans and roast profiles. Kayla (Robs wife) keeps the machine running by taking care of coffee packaging, orders and all other things required. The thing that makes Brave Fox different is they offer everything from exotic light roasts to bold dark roasts and every in-between. The focus is good prices, fresh coffee, listening to what customers say and always offering new coffees.

2. Riverbend Roasters – This roasting team is near and dear to our hearts. They learned how to Roast around the same time as us, and Steve helped wire our roastery and saved us thousands. This team will bring you some awesome single origin coffees and they focus on the darker to medium dark offerings and have a big following in the fishing/outdoors community. Check them out at www.rivervendroasters.com. Good coffee and good people, the way coffee should be.

3. Dockside Roastery – This roastery and team really speaks to us because, they are in Beaumont as well! They offer single origin top quality coffees and are a staple at some farmers markets in the region. Honestly they do such a good job and offer wonderfully unique offerings that are roasted superb. We highly recommend checking them out!

4. Roasti – it has been amazing to watch someone who started around the same time as us in their garage turn into a dominating force in the YEG region! Roasti now has multiple locations, is in tons of cafes and just pumps out amazingly top quality coffees from super light and unique roasts to dark blends and everything in-between. This team is something else to watch, check them out and enjoy the stellar cafe decor they have! Watch them as they constantly make a the #yeg coffee scene even better!

5. The Colombian – This team has a super unique story, sourcing coffees directly from their family in Colombia, they offer awesome third wave coffees. With multiple locations and a big name in Edmonton, you have probably seen them at markets, events or their awesome and huge ‘COFFEE’ sign at their flagship Cafe near downtown. This team was nice enough to show us some things when we were brand new and we appreciate that forever!

6. The Wall Coffee Roasters – Now these folks stood out right away with their friendly and collaborative nature. They personally reached out, were Friendly and actually drove across the city to give me a bunch of coffee samples in order to get some critical feedback. How awesome is that! Their coffee is excellent and they have some unique sourcing methods which gives them some unique offerings and truly we have loved watching them grow.

7. Alternate Route – Now Alternate Route and us go way back, to be honest when they popped up in Leduc we were super nervous and knew they were some close and excellent competition! They started with the most badass pizza truck converted to coffee roasting truck, how amazing is that. They killed it at markets, Roasted excellent coffee and had a similar mentality to us as far as making amazing coffees across the roast spectrum. It is amazing to see how they grew and grew and grew and now have a killer new space and gorgeous new roaster near the Edmonton airport. Go visit them you will not regret it, they are such good people.

8. Rogue Wave – This coffee roasting team stands out to us because of how friendly them and their staff have been. They welcomed us to conversation in the roastery before they even knew we were fellow roasters. They make such amazing coffees from unique places and truly bring the third wave revolution to Edmonton with their coffee shop. They are killing the online game, they pivoted and delivered quickly during covid and

9. Transcend coffee Roastery – This roastery is the OG in the Edmonton region, and truly their coffee is the reason we started drinking coffee. We love everything about Transcend and can only say they are trailblazers for the industry in this city. From the selection of coffee, the feeling in their cafes, to the knowledgeable staff, it is all so wonderful. You will get a great selection of coffees, majority roasted pretty light which is the way we like it BUT they do offer some glorious blends and not exotic coffees for those with less adventurous taste buds. We started on their green beans in our first roaster, so thank you for so much Transcend!

10. Catfish Coffee – One of the biggest names in coffee in the Edmonton area. Anyone who ever goes to Whyte Ave and the Strathcona markets knows these roasters. They offer a great selection of different coffees in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. A friendly and helpful crew keeps everyone in old Strathcona caffinated and ready to enjoy everything from summer weather to the cold spells. This coffee is a must!

12. Raffen Coffee – An awesome and community oriented roaster who has dominated farmers markets. They offer such a great selection of coffees, are friendly, and truly are treating people well and bringing them into the coffee scene. My mom actually introduced me to them as they have been at her favorite farmers market for a while. Check them out and enjoy some freshly roasted, excellent coffees.

Side note – if we didn’t add a roaster it is because we haven’t had the pleasure of trying their coffee yet. We would love to hear from them or about them so we can try them and add them to our list.

Roasters – If we didn’t add you, no hard feelings, let’s set up a chance for us to buy and try your coffee and get you on here. Only love for our coffee community in YEG.

What did the Fox say?

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