About Us

We love what  we do.

The journey to Brave Fox Coffee Co. started with a search for the perfect cup of coffee. We couldn't find what we were looking for, so we decided to see if we could create one! We bought a small home roaster that produced 50 grams per roast. We were in love. This progressed to believe it or not, a BBQ roaster, which we were able to build our business on.

A family business that is dedicated to quality.

As time went on, our passion grew. We worked with our amazing supplier, gaining a deep understanding of farming philosophies and experimenting with the flavour profiles specific beans provided. The demand for our coffee grew (yay!), and we purchased our 5-kilogram Toper commercial coffee roaster. After years of roasting, learning, growing, refining, we are now available at select Sobeys locations, special events as well as online or you can pick up directly from us.

Find us in the wild

Fair-trade, fair-price.

Brave Fox offers freshly roasted coffee at a fair price with beans sourced from some of the best places (and people!) on the planet.

One of our ways to give back to you is to offer 454g bags of coffee at a fair price instead of the industry common 340g bags as a way to say thank you.

Authentic Tradition

Great coffee, always.

Flavour matters. We offer wholesale coffee options for your business, organization or event. Learn more about our various custom options. 

What did the Fox say?

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