Colombian – Women of Santander Alba Luz


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Colombian – Women of Santander

Alba Luz Wandurraga

Origin: San Gil, in the department of Santander in Northeastern Colombia
Grower: Finca Santa Cecilia  Alba Luz Wandurraga
Roast: Light
Variety: Castillo & Cenicafe 1
Process: Washed and Sun-Dried on patios
Altitude: 1850m
Certification: Rainforest Alliance
Tasting Notes: Caramel, honey, grapefruit, dried fruits

This coffee is an absolute joy for the pallet, you will not regret making this coffee any way you enjoy from pour over to espresso to cold brew.

This coffee is a micro-lot.


Alba Luz, her husband Roberto and their twin daughters Monica and Veronica Rueda work as a team. Their farm is a sort of paradise where diversity is the best describer.

Along with the 32,000 coffee trees that are planted under the shade of larger trees they grow crops for their own consumption.

The environment is a must for Alba Luz and her family, and they have dedicated several hectares to protect a forested area at the highest point of the farm, home to many mammals, reptiles and especially birds. Early morning and evening walks around Santa Cecilia are the stage for beautiful symphonies played by the wide variety of species that are more easily heard than seen. Alba Luz is a Best of Santander competition veteran.

She enters these contests to learn about her coffee, recognizing that the feedback after having it analyzed and picked apart by specialists is a great resource.

This year’s entry was carefully handpicked, selecting only ripe cherries that were depulped, washed and dried and then the parchment was put through a selection process so only the best beans were packed and sent to the FNC.

Thanks to Carlos for the write up.

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