Stanley’s Stiffy – The Cup Run Roast


Stanley’s Stiffy custom Stanley Cup run coffee blend

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Brave Fox Coffee Presents: Stanley’s Stiffy Blend


Celebrate your Edmonton Oilers pride with Brave Fox Coffee Co.’s exclusive Championship Blend. This coffee is crafted to honor the fierce spirit and unwavering dedication of Oilers fans, combining the finest beans to deliver a brew that’s as bold and exciting as a game-winning goal.

– Origin: A superior blend of coffees from Uganda and Mexico

– Roast: Medium – striking the perfect balance between rich flavor and smooth finish, but still still enough to get you going in the morning

– Tasting Notes: Indulge in the robust flavors of dark chocolate and toasty caramel, complemented by a subtle nuttiness that rounds out the blend. Each sip embodies the energy and finesse of the Oilers on the ice, some say McJesus fuels himself with it before a game.

– Process: Both coffees are washed and expertly roasted to bring out the unique characteristics of each bean, this is a custom roast completed by our Master Coffee Roaster Brooke

– Body: Full-bodied with a creamy, lingering finish, making every cup a memorable experience, just like this Stanley Cup run


Just like the Edmonton Oilers, our Championship Blend has been named Stanley’s Stiffy because it is powerful and invigorating but with enough strength to get your stiff cup of coffee desire.

Designed for passionate fans, this blend fuels your game-day excitement and keeps the spirit alive. Whether you’re kickstarting your morning, gearing up for a game, or celebrating a victory, this blend delivers a consistently rich and satisfying cup.

Perfect For:

– Pre-Game Rituals: Energize your mornings with a cup that embodies the strength and determination of the Oilers.

– Watch Parties:*Bring friends and family together, sharing the bold flavors as you cheer on the team.

– Everyday Enjoyment: Versatile enough for any brewing method, from drip coffee to French press and even espresso, ensuring a delightful experience every time.

“Fuel Your Passion, Celebrate the Game”

Join Brave Fox Coffee Co. in celebrating the Oilers with every sip of our Championship Blend. Raise your cup to the team, to the fans, and to the thrill of the game. Go Oilers, bring the Cup to Canada where it belongs


Available for a limited time only in 400g whole bean or 400g ground coffee.

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Weight 1 lbs

400g Ground, 400g Whole Bean